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2006/08/03About the acquisition of English information about ICQ

Welcome to the ICQ dojo("dojo" means a gym in Japanese). As for ICQ.com, ICQ dojo is an unofficial site with no relations. The explanation of the ICQ function which made a language Japanese mainly and a community are being built here. I have provided information on ICQ in Japanese since 1997.

An English official site is http://www.icq.com/ . Use for downloading of ICQ which coped with each language from there and the information acquisition of ICQ.

When I analyzed access, most of the site visitors were found out with the access from the various foreign countries. Because of that, it was decided in a hurry that I made a page by English edition.

I hope that mutual understanding is born between the people in the world through ICQ and goes through our child soon and it is connected with the world peace.

>>> Go to ICQ Official Site, let's enjoy!

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