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 今日はとりあえず MovableType を色々実験している所。

 あとは、Norton Internet Security がウイルスを検出しても自動削除してくれないのに困った。ウイルスメールが届く度に「ファイルを削除できません」のダイアログが出て困る。。。ダイアログが邪魔で邪魔で仕方ない。。。

 もう、とにかく邪魔なので、いろいろ対策を検討。最終的に ClamAV + clamassassin を使って、サーバ側でローカル配送時(MDA)にウイルススキャン+ウイルスメールを除去することにした。とりあえずセットアップだけは完了。あとは本物のウイルスメールが届くのを待つだけ。ちゃんと機能するかな?ちょっと不安。うまくいくようでしたら、セットアップ方法を上げます。

--[ English ]--

There is no thing that should make a special mention today. I am in the physical condition some
problems, and weary feeling. However, it is the obstacle none in daily life.
I think that my concentration has recovered day by day. There is no problem in my handling the computer at all.

I tested the adjustment of MovableType today for the time being.

I had been embarrassed on another note. Even if Norton Internet Security detects the virus, it doesn't delete it automatically. It displays the dialog every time the virus mail reaches , saying that "The file cannot be deleted". This dialog felt me reluctant in obstructive and the obstruct. Feelings bad.

Anyway, there is no other way in the obstruct. Then, I decided to consider a certain measures. When I described from the conclusion, I put it away in the use of the program of ClamAV and clamassassin. It is to lecture on anti-virus to server side (MDA).

I finished setting up. Whether genuine virus mail reaches and it is processed normally are the points. Does it function well?I feel insecurity. The setup method is up-loaded on the web if it operates normally.

投稿者 Masato Zembutsu : 2005年05月04日 19:23