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I Shall Return to The Sights and Sounds of History Page!


戦後処理ではありませんが、思ったよりまだ時間がかかりそうです。ただ、blog(日記) や各種メーリングリスト、mixi への投稿は、おそらく今年最後になるんじゃないかと思います。またお会いできたらいいですね。ではでは。。。

I wrote the opinion of various me individuals with previous contribution. A conclusion is like this. They are days after the war in Japan still. Japan stagnates by the social frame of the days after the war. Though it doesn't know the present condition with research organization, it hasn't been able to make use of a network well in the general citizen level yet.

I think that the society revolution which not only Japan but also the network of the world was used for will be caused. I have a slight idea as Microsoft Windows overwhelmed the world. I want realize it while I am living if it can be done.

Therefore, I want to devote myself to the treatment of the ill (Manic-depressive Psychosis) and the recovery now. Let's try to look back on the past history with all. A future is always bright. The futures of the civilization seen from the past are always discovery and the continuance of the progress. Of course, it has the miserable history (Black history?) which it wants to bury in darkness, too. However, the history of the network that we each that let's be confronted am the pioneer who lives in the history, too, is a period of reclamation still.

I surely come back to the net. I surely get over illness. I want to try to do what is interesting again on the network. Therefore, though it is my situation, I want myself to give it the time of the rest. My net activities are resumed again if I come back. I that I that it won't go by halves next time am serious will go for the game which a life is bet on.

No, I must dedicate my life. That is for the future pioneers. Let's open up the future when mankind civilization becomes happy with all.
Then, it hopes that I can return to the network again strongly.

投稿者 Masato Zembutsu : 2006年07月15日 00:29