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My personal computer is a stand-alone. パソコンはスタンド・アローン(独立状態)へ。



パソコンの方はネットワーク切り離し(standalone)で稼働させる事にします。パソコンは半分DVDプレイヤー+MusicBoxと化しているのでPCの電源を切る=死(wのような気がして、やっぱり止められません(そういえばビルゲイツ氏は"立ち止まったらおしまいだ"とか発言してたのに[書籍 ビル・ゲイツ 立ち止まったらおしまいだ 1,600円 ダイヤモンド社,ISBN4-478-36043-X,1999/07/01発行,原著 Mrs.Janet Lowe]、ゲイツは現役引退ですか?皆さんチャンスですよー(w)←と、世間がオシム語録を読んでいる間、私はゲイツ語録を読んでます(あー、一部からは邪道だと言われそうだ)

だめですね、Stand-alone Complex というやつですか、まさしくそれ。でも、携帯はどこにいても繋がっているので、ま、いいかーと。mixi経由でネットつなぐのがくせになって・・・うぁ、これ医者に言うと携帯も止められるかな・・・まぁ、、のんびり様子を見ます。


D.U.Pサイコー(特に、真田マサミ+沢城みゆき) ブロッコリーのライブは色々でてますけど、色々見て総合判断したところ、出演者・観客共にフィーバーしてるのは『 Broccli The Live ~デ・ジ・キャラット&エンジェル隊コンサート~ in 横浜アリーナ 』(BRDV-0003A,B 2003/01/23, )←長いよ、ちなみに BTLIVではない方ね。サイコーです。必見です。ゲストで、あの飯島真理さんが Eternal Love ~光の天使より~ をステージで唄ってます(高音厳しそう+楽譜見ながらだけど必見)。

I seem to depend on a cellular phone though I use a personal computer under the state of independence.

Though it was described with my blog of the other day, I was sentenced to the prohibition of the network by a doctor.Though it was stopped by a doctor, I seem to be a net junkie or a net dependence disease. It means my death to stop my net life to cross in about ten years. Is that exaggerated?

As a matter of fact, I had interest in the auction in Internet recently. I am being absorbed. I wasted money, too, and ruined myself. For a while, it is decided that I don't have an auction. I comes to be in poor health, and it gets troublesome to make contact, and it is sent, and a procedure is because it troubles a partner for dealings. I think that an auction is interesting.

But, I want to give everyone an advice about having an auction in moderation.


Do you know a Japanese voice actor unit "D.U.P"? Is incidentally it interested in "the broccoli" and "The Galaxy Angel"? You must not give a nerd without that you knowing this key word! Hahaha, it is a joke. Without you worrying.

As a matter of fact, they have already dissolved a unit. I am disappointed. Ms.Masami Sanada and Ms.Miyuki Shirosawa were especially wonderful. There is a DVD of the live image which they are active for, too. "Broccli The Live - Di Gi Charat and Galaxy Angel concert - in Yokohama arena, Japan" (BRDV-0003A,B/DVD is region 2) of that title is the best. Let's enjoy guest game theme song Galaxy angel. Ms.Mari Iijima is wonderful, too. That is a precious live image. That DVD is indispensable if it is interested in you. Let's enjoy OTAKU(nerd) life!

- My wish and address -

The Trackback and a comment function stopped working with this blog by the upgrade of Movable Type. Give me contact by mail if or you are interested in me when you want to say an opinion and an impression to me.
My mail address is zem@pocketstudio.jp. But, I can't read your mail in real time because of the illness. I surely want to reply even if my check becomes slow. Please I want it forgiven even if my reply is slow.

And, may I ask for inquiry to me in English or Japanese? Though it is disappointing, only Japan of my mother tongue and English can be understood.

I will explain these at an English version site to make soon. It is announced on blog in advance.

投稿者 Masato Zembutsu : 2006年07月17日 17:00