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http://pocketstudio.jp/linux/ ۲ GNU Free Documentation License(GFDL) 1.2 ǤѤϡѡžܡԽͳԤε°򤳤ʤȤǤĤޤޤܤGFDL 1.2ܸ ʿĻͤˤʤȻפޤʥ饤󥹤ܸѸ쥪ꥸʥǤͥ褵ޤˡ

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­ܹˡǤϼưŪȯ뤽Ǥäơhttp://pocketstudio.jp/linux/ ΥФ( ) ȸƾΤǤ "Pocketstudio.jp"(ݥåȥɥåȡԡ) ܹˡǤϵ°ΤȤޤ

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About the site administrator (in English)

The document whole passage is here.


I am "Zembutsu Masahito". ' ' is described in Japanese(the mean is 'The front of the Budda'. My ancestor received 'a family name' as a military family about 500 years ago, and active as a subject from now on agriculture .). I am the Japanese who lives in the Japanese country. You should contribute to the diffusion of the open source software activities. (I am information service to the enlightenment and the beginner and an exchange of opinions mainly.)

This site is the nonprofit making site where an individual manages it. It proceeds with the preparation with the schedule to establish the company for which to contribute to the company of the open source software in the future during in 2007.

However, it has a mental difficulty to me. It is strongly hoping when I want to get over illness somehow until I establish a company. At present, though I contribute to the Japanese community, I want to build a communication by using English, Chinese with the person of the world.

Let's hack the world!!

Are you interested in me? By all means, send mail to me from you. A mail address is zem@pocketstudio.jp. My skype name is 'zembutsu'. Look up 5231046 if it has ICQ. MSN Live Messenger that you will be able to take contact with me is zem@pocketstudio.jp.

I hope that connection can be taken with the person of what kind of country as well. Give me contact without hesitation if you are interested. I am welcomed. Let's make the new world together.

2006-10-06 22:45:12 (Fri)

ڴ (in Chinese-traditional)


"Zembutsu Masahito" ' ' ʸサԢŪܿ͡?泺ԸưŪڲۡ(̳Ҽ½ܼڸ򴹼ס)

Ū¤ŪڡʹԽɽΩԸʺԹۺŪ2007 ǯ֡â, ͭ档ද˾«¾ɰ˿ˡľΩĸʡ, ܼҿ, ׷Ω̿ͳѱѸ, Ū͡Ūϸߵ

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*2 ꤵäƤʤΤʤΤ͡

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