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8.2 How do I keep a copy of all incoming and outgoing mail messages? 
Answer: Set QUEUE_EXTRA to "Tlog\0" and QUEUE_EXTRALEN to 5 in extra.h.
qmail Υ extra.h Խ
#define QUEUE_EXTRA "Tlog\0"
Recompile qmail. Put ./msg-log into ~alias/.qmail-log. 
qmail ƥѥ뤷~alias/.qmail-log ե ./msg-log 򵭽Ҥ 
You can also use QUEUE_EXTRA to, e.g., record the Message-ID of every message: run 

     | awk '/^$/ { exit } /^[mM][eE][sS][sS][aA][gG][eE]-/ { print }'

from ~alias/.qmail-log.
 QUEUE_EXTRA ȤȤƤϡ᡼ Message-ID Ф㡣 ~alias/.qmail-log ˵Ҥ

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